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NOOK GlowLight Plus

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From eReader to eReadest

Our best eReader ever harnesses advanced technology to keep reading pure and simple. Enhanced contrast and higher resolution make each page read like paper in any light.

Built for Adventure (and Even Clumsiness!)
Bath, pool, or mountainside — it's the perfect companion. Its premium construction and scratch-resistant polymer screen mean it's built to last. It's waterproof and dust-resistant2, too!
From Daylight to Dark of Night
With the latest GlowLight technology, NOOK keeps reading easy and glare-free in bright sun or at bedtime, when you want to stay lost in your book without keeping someone else awake.
B&N Readouts™: A Tasting Menu for Readers
Dip into B&N Readouts daily for a taste of romance, mystery, or fantasy, and to find unexpected treats across a range of topics. It's curated by our editors to surprise and delight you — and it's free on the new GlowLight Plus. 
Read Forever
GlowLight Plus holds thousands of books, letting you browse your entire library wherever you are. And it's easy to download new discoveries in seconds with built-in Wi-Fi®. 


NOOK GlowLight Plus
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